Air Service Development


Establish traffic parameters

  • Air Service Diagram
  • Pax Break-even point
  • Pax 5 years forecast
  • Airport Maximum Stress capacity.

Develop Air Service Outlook

  • Hubbing traffic
  • Organic routes
  • Inorganic routes
  • Connecting traffic pattern.

Air Service Business Development

  • Use Cases
  • Simulations
  • City Infrastructure Pitch
  • Industry Events.

Air Service Dev Tools

  • Incentives Schemes
  • Special Slot Allocation
  • Route Analysis
A plane soaring the skies on a sunny day with clouds behind it, from a bottom perspective


Montevideo Airport Air Service Diagram (500-1000 miles)

Map representing different airports of South America:

-Rio de Janeiro: Galeao Intl
-Sao Paulo: Guarulhos Intl; Viracopos
-Porto Alegre: Salgado Filho Intl
-Montevideo: Carrasco Intl
-Buenos Aires: Ezeiza Intl; Aeroparque
-Santiago: Arturo Benitez Intl
-Asunción: Silvio Pettirossi Intl

Montevideo Airport Pax Analysis: By Region

Percentage Marketshare

Pax Volume Marketshare

Montevideo Airport Pax Analysis: By Region

Total Airlines - 16 (Regional 4, International 7)

Destinations - 16 (Regional 10, International 6)

Montevideo Airport Pax Analysis: By Market

Analyzing the Brazil route performance by market share and load factor provide insight into the type of traffic at Carrasco Montevideo Airport. The total annual passengers between Brazil and Carrasco Montevideo airport is 661,626.

Load Factors of Brazil Routes - 2018

Share of Brazil Route Traffic by Airline

Montevideo Airport Pax Analysis: By Route(MVD-GRU)


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